General FAQ:

How do I register?
To register on the platform Thumblecrash click here

I have not received an email
Follow these steps:
1) Verify that you have not received the email in the spam folder
In the case that does not exist in the spam folder, open a ticket to our support

I lost my password, what can i do?
You can use the password reset feature.

Can I play if I’m under 18?
Certainly it.

Can I play even if I have a subscription free?
Yes, you can play even without having subscribed to ThumbleCrash platform

With my free subscription what can I do?
Pretty much everything. The only limitations are the number of matches that you can create, not all statistics on opponents and some tournaments are open to subscribers only Gold and Platinum. Also Free subscribers will not show to others people his Twitch Channel into ThumbleCrash Public Page.

Why do you recommend to have an account on Twitch?
Suggest that you have an account at Twitch because this way we can check who won or lost.

I don’t have my account on Twitch. What should I do?
Take a picture with your mobile phone at the final match screen and send it by filling out the following form.

What happens in case the support team is not able to define the winner?
In the event that our team couldn't figure out who the winner is, the match is cancelled and will be penalized both accounts. In case you were played ThumbleCrash Coins these will be returned with a fine of 30%. For this reason we always recommend to have an account Twitch or you make a photo with your mobile phone.

What software can I use for Twitch?
Here you will find all the information that may be of interest to you.
If you use an XBOX OneXBOX 360, PlayStation, you will find the free plugin by Twitch.

How do I create the highlights on Twitch?
To create the highlights just follow this simple guide

How many types of membership are there?
Currently there are two types of subscriptions, one monthly (Gold) and yearly (Platinum)

I’m six months since I logged in. My account is cancelled?
We do not delete any account.

How do I delete my account?
You must fill in this form and requesting deactivation.  The account is not deleted, because we have to maintain for at least 5 years transactions on our system.

What are the Thumblecrash Coins?
The Thumblecrash Points are used to be able to participate in some tournaments, you can buy the monthly subscription or to buy some items from our store.

I’m under 18 can i buy Thumblecrash Coins?
Certainly it. Everyone can buy Thumblecrash Coins.

The Thumblecrash Coins can be turned into money?

How do I activate my wallet with money?
The application asks you to confirm your age before you load the wallet. At that time we will record your IP address and the date on which you upload the Bill. Our staff may ask you at any time a valid identity document confirming your age.

I can’t change my date of birth. How do you do?
Unfortunately you can't do that for security reasons. You have to open a ticket on our system and submit your identity document scanned.

I would like to delete my account, can I do that?
Your account cannot be deleted in case you experience any of these situations: 1. You have recharged your account 2. You've played betting Thumblecrash Coins 3. you won or participated in a tournament In these cases it can't be deleted, but will be blocked access to the system and your account will be disabled. This means that the user will no longer be searchable within the platform, anyone anymore to play against and you will not receive any more emails. In all other cases, the user will be deleted from the system without any problems.

Can I change my email?
Your email once given cannot be changed in any way. Only in exceptional cases we can do it, but it opens a special procedure that can take up to 7 days to complete. What I suggest you do and sign up for a new account.


How do I pay for my subscription?
Currently you can pay a subscription via PayPal or ThumbleCrash Coins

What do I need to withdraw money that I won?
Is it compulsory to have a PayPal account

What kind of taxes are applied to the purchase of the subscription?
Our company resides in London (United Kingdom). We joined the VAT Mini One Stop Shop (VAT MOSS). For more information click here


The match ended up in conflict, what should I do?
You must open a petition via the following form. In case you had recorded the game on Twtich, please provide the url of the highlights.

How to add the date and time the image what software should I use for iOS?
There are several software on the APP Store. We recommend "Photo Time Stamp - Best app to add timestamps to your photo(s)". To download the APP follow this link. To properly configure the application please click here

How to add the date and time the image what software should I use for Android?
There are several software on the Google Play Store. We recommend "Camera Timestamp Add-on". To download the APP follow this link.

How to add the date and time the image what software should I use for Windows Phone?
There aren't several software on the Windows Phone Store. We only one that we find and we recommend is "Place Tag Pro". To download the APP follow this link.