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European eSports and Tournament Team - Pro Gamers


Hi, this is our Team of Pro Gamers and Admins of Thumblecrash platform. If you would like to join our team, send us your resume. Our company is always looking for young people who love video games and eSports!

HearthStone Pro Gamer Team

ReDstone | Davide & Raffaele

HearthStone Pro Gamers Team

We define ourselves brother since ever, we always had the same about passion videogames and technology. In 2012 our common passion, drove us to create a you tube channel, we wanted to share with other people what we love to do… Play videogames. Everything started as a simple hobby but during the years became something more.
Now we are experts in video making , we have  invested in  a video equipment that can grow the quality of our contents during the work of broadcasting, we also says that our passion for  gaming was  growing up always more. Finally we approached the e-Sports  world.

Competitive gaming was our passion and Hearthstone was the game! We followed the game since  the beta version and we were lucky to have  as mentors the best twitch players.
Thank to them we reached a very good level and we started to play in  local tournament in Naples.

We are very happy to be part of  ThumbleCrash team and happy to disseminate in Italy the eSports.

We Love Technology and eSports

Danix Community Advisor

Danix | Daniele Belli

Community Advisor

I’m Daniele Belli and the game has always been one of the greatest passions of my life.

As the years passed I alternated my taste by showing some indecision.

I had a brief adventure on Youtube in 2008 that brought me great satisfaction but also great regrets, within weeks I had become one of Italy’s most popular Youtubers and probably I didn’t have enough maturity to retain what I end up losing everything. In later years I continued playing my favorite games ranging between the various titles and taking a little bit of everything.

How do I define myself? As a kind of wildcard which can at any moment become anything while having fun and enjoying it.

I am the community advisor of Thumblecrash and I am in charge of coordinating the Pro Gamers Team of Thumblecrash.

I’m passionate about video game

Ko1gaa Pro Gamer of Call of Duty

Ko1gaa | Leonardo Nisi

Call of Duty Pro Gamer

Let me introduce myself, my name is Leonardo and my biggest passion is Call of Duty, are now eight years that game to this saga and for the past 4 years competing in all sorts of Live tournaments or Online, competitive in my career I have achieved for now ran in our nation are the most successful console player and has won more awards , a lot due to the placement made the Call of Duty World Champions 2013 which also gave me the opportunity to continue my journey so far.

My goal is still the same, to succeed through hard work and constant dedication, this great project gives me one more reason to improve again, this time with a great group of professionals, the best in their respective fields.

Thumblercrash contacted me to join forces and achieve what for now in Italy has never been done, the conditions are all there now you just begin to get involved!

Never stop chasing your dreams!

Dota 2 Pro Gamer

Mozzino | Manuel Tello

Dota 2 Pro Gamer

Hello visitor, welcome to the Pro Gamer House! I’m Manuel Tello, aka Mozzino, your Thumblecrash’s Pro Gamers for Dota 2. The passion that I have for this game was born about 10 years ago, and for about 3 years I drove into the world of competitive. I think through Thumblecrash po-tremo grow and have fun together. I will be at your disposal for strategic and fun videos at the same time and precious advice. Why not take part in the first complete platform of tournaments and match one to one?

eSports may represent the future for us young

HALO Pro Gamer

J2MME | Francesco Facco

HALO 5  Pro Gamer

Hi all guys, let me introduce myself I am Francesco “J2MME” Facco and I’ll be one of your points of reference for the section of Halo.

Why me?

Simply I’m a player who has lived on for more than 5 years competitive Halo, I attended really many LAN tournaments around Italy coming first with a team for 16 times in a row.

The best result, and important is very recent, right here on Halo 5 where we couldn’t qualify in Europe with over 2 million dollars as prize pool, reaching the quarter-finals which is a good goal for Italy in any case.

I have always been fascinated the world eSports and now with the release of Thumblecrash my desire to compete is even more increased.

Take you today an opportunity to use one of the best European platforms of eSports and become a number one in your favorite game.

I like to compete for great achievements


Kavael | Piergiorgio Santese

League of Legends Pro Gamer

Hello there! My name is Piergiorgio Santese, AKA Kevael.
I started playing League of Legends in 2012 and I’ve been playing it since then.

My best ranking so far was Platinum V (I got there just a month before season 5 ended).
Why did i decide to join ThumbleCrash? The main reason is because I find this a great opportunity to improve myself and make my way through competitive gaming. Also, I expect to meet some nice people and to have a lot of fun with them!

Nothing is impossible to achieve